Model your revenue during COVID-19

Your distribution business is unique. This simulation tool is designed to help you make data-driven decisions in an unpredictable time. We use your data to calculate your expected revenue, by state, over time. 


Simulate your revenue through the crisis

Forecast each state

Predict which branches should be shutdown or re-opened, and when to ramp up sales activity.  

Based on case data by state, we simulate how long different states will be locked down, when they'll bottom out, and how quickly they'll come back.

Simulate different scenarios

See the impact of different social distancing practices and government responses on your revenue. 

Sales activity will vary based on state regulatory enforcement and social response. In general, places with stricter quarantines will return to normal sooner.

Get accurate information, based on your industry and verticals.

Every industry will be impacted differently by COVID-19. Our models are designed specifically for distributors, and use data to match the exact nuances of your business. 

Put your data to use


How it works

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Send data

Our data engineers will ask for a small sample of your sales data. We'll use this to make a custom model for your business.

 (This data will remain 100% confidential: we're a data-first company, and regularly handle private data). 

After we run your simulation, we'll have a customer-success specialist spend 30 minutes explaining the model and the insights you can gain from it.

Simulation onboarding





Proton is an AI sales platform specifically designed for distributors. Our omnichannel AI platform creates a singular view of every account so you can sell the right product to the right customer every time.


HOW WE CAN HELP can help during the crisis

COVID-19 is driving a shift to digital and inside sales. Our AI tools can help your business grow during and after the crisis.

People are buying online more than ever before. Proton's website plug-in boosts 

e-commerce sales with personal pitches for every customer, like similar itemscustomers also bought, and complete the cart


Outside sales reps are being forced to act as inside sales reps. Our AI tools will help them serve customers effectively by calculating buyer readiness, churn risk, and product salability.

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Simulator FAQs


The simulator is free today and will always be free. Given our skillset, we felt a simulator was the best way we could help distributors in this uncertain time. 

How much does the simulator cost?

Of course. We'll even send you an NDA, so you can know with certainty that your data will stay private.

Is my data confidential?

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